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Supervised Visitation

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  • Date: Call for appointment
  • Venue: Virginia Family Enrichment Center
The Family Enrichment Center’s Supervised Visitation Program is designed to meet the unique needs of families.  We provide access to safe and quality visitation services with a collaborative approach where we provide written documentation to referral sources. The Family Enrichment Center provides direct services to children and their families in order to help families stay in safe contact with each other. We offer support to help foster opportunities for children to have secure and conflict-free connections with their parents in our center or in the community.

The program:




The purpose of this program is to help families maintain a safe environment in order to facilitate the bond between parent and child 



• Support parent-child relationships

• Maintain and strengthen family relationships

• Support family in dealing with changing relationships

• Provide parents/guardians opportunities to learn and try new skills

• Enable parents/guardians to stay active and current with their child’s development, educational and medical needs, and other community activities

• Provide opportunities for parents/guardians to assess how their child is doing and share information about how to meet their child’s needs

• Assist in the assessment and decision-making process for parenting capacities and permanency goal planning


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