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Parenting Classes

Event Details:

  • Date: TBA
  • Venue: Virginia Family Enrichment Center
This program is designed as a 12 week parenting class that utilizes The STEP curriculum (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) used for a wide range of ages.  Learning is conducted through various modalities such as videos, worksheets, role-playing, and discussion.  This class focuses on implementing positive discipline that promotes discipline that focuses on solutions.  It provides psychoeducation and parenting strategies that include understanding your child, understanding beliefs and feelings, listening and talking to your child, and discipline that makes sense.

The event program:

Target Population

The target population for Family Enrichment Center’s Parenting Classes includes parents or guardians who may need further instruction and skills to help them learn and utilize more effective parenting techniques.  This population includes parents or guardians who experience:

• Difficulty maintaining meaningful communication with their children

• Lack of skills in setting age-appropriate and effective limits for their children

• Feelings of disconnection from children 

• Increasing conflict in the home

• Difficulty with controlling emotional reactions to their children’s negative behavior patterns

• Court orders to take parenting classes

• Children who become oppositional toward rules put in place or setting limits on their behavior

• Lack of knowledge about reasonable expectations for their children’s behavior with regard to their developmental level



The purpose of this program is to educate and empower parents with learning and implementing effective parenting strategies in a collaborative and supportive environment.


• Attain competent, effective parenting skills

• Terminate abusive and ineffective parenting strategies

• Empower parents to use learned skills and strategies 

• Endorse age-appropriate expectations for children

• Help to identify and resolves issues that may contribute to ineffective parenting

• Create and maintain family connectedness


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