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This 18-week comprehensive program features a substance abuse group that includes individual sessions, on-site drug testing, family counseling, and relapse prevention.  

The program:


Target Population

The target population for Family Enrichment Center’s Substance Abuse Program includes individuals who have used illicit drugs and/or alcohol on almost a daily basis or have utilized them until intoxicated.  It is suitable for individuals who are court ordered to attend a substance abuse program. 


The purpose of Family Enrichment Center’s substance abuse program is to assist individuals to establish sobriety while developing a plan for addressing relapse prevention.   

Program Outline:

I. Referral Made to Family Enrichment Center

        a. Case reviewed by Family Enrichment Staff Member

II. Implementation of Services

        a. Initial Assessment Completed

        b. Service plan created and provided to referral source

III. Individual and Group Sessions

        a. Attend individual sessions Monday and Friday 

        b. Join group meeting every Wednesday 

        c. Complete drug screening tests

IV. Relapse Prevention

        a. Create relapse prevention plan

        b. Conduct referrals for support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

        c. Provide support and intervention up to 90 days after completion of substance abuse program to help sustain gains made in program

Program Goals

• Maintain abstinence for all mood-altering substances while developing a program for recovery

• Acknowledge and approach alcohol/chemical dependence as a family issue

• Develop skills needed to maintain a life of sobriety

• Reconnect with relationships and groups that will support relapse prevention

• Gain comprehension of the pattern of relapse and strategies for coping to assist in maintaining long-term recovery

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