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This comprehensive assessment combines extensive interviewing, psychological testing, records review, and additional data collection as needed into a thorough evaluation.

The program:

Target Population

The target population of the Parental Capacity Evaluation includes parents and guardians of children and adolescents that may need an assessment to determine if they are at risk for abuse or neglect of those children.  

Questions are explored during the assessment such as:

• How well is the parent or guardian able to control impulsive responses?

• What are the parental strengths and challenges?

• What would be the risk/benefits to terminating the parent-child relationship?

• What is the likelihood of intervention being effective?  

• What are the behavior management strategies used in parental discipline of their children?

• What is the quality of the attachment relationship between the child and parent or guardian?



The purpose for this evaluation is to provide a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of a parent or guardian’s risk for neglect and/or abuse.  


• Provide thorough and comprehensive assessment of a parent’s or guardian’s capacity to parent without the presence of abuse or neglect

• Provide recommendations for visitation, treatment, and placement of the child

• Help terminate/prevent child abuse and neglect

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