Batterer’s Intervention Program

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This program offers a wide range of intervention modalities that includes 18 weeks of 1.5 hour group sessions.  It utilizes the Duluth Model for treating Domestic Violence that focuses on aspects such as taking the blame off the victim and placing accountability for abuse on the offender, prioritizing voices of those who are battered, and providing change opportunities for offenders through court ordered programs.  The Duluth Model maintains contact with criminal and civil justice agencies, community members and victims in order to promote the community’s action to the issue of battering.      

The program:

The target population for Family Enrichment Center’s Batterer’s Intervention Program includes individuals who have inflicted physical and/or verbal abuse on their partner and may be court-ordered to attend a batterer’s intervention program.  Common behaviors that a batterer may display include:

  • Threats of violence
  • Using force in fights
  • Severe jealousy
  • Controlling behavior
  • Use of force in sex
  • Blaming others for problems and feelings
  • Unrealistic expectations


The purpose of the batterer’s intervention program is to assist individuals to explore their actions, intentions, and beliefs more closely, and examine the impact of their actions on their partners, family, and community.  


• Eliminate battering behavior

• Challenge beliefs of batterers in order to promote accountability for abuse

• Teach batterers the skills to change their behavior pattern

• Empower batterers to change their behavior

• Confront victim-blaming

• Challenge myths about domestic violence

• Report compliance and noncompliance to court and other referral sources

• Coordinate referrals to other agencies as deemed appropriate for additional services

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