Anger Management Classes

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  • Date: Wednesday's 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Venue: Virginia Family Enrichment Center
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Program Description


The anger management class is 12 weeks long and based on anger management curriculum from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Evidenced-based interventions are implemented and psychoeducation is provided such as identifying triggers to anger, the cycle of aggression, cognitive restructuring, assertiveness training, and conflict resolution skills. There is a signed certificate of completion provided at the end of the classes.


The program:


Target Population


The target population for Family Enrichment Center’s anger management program include adults and juveniles who struggle to express anger through appropriate ways:  

  • Repeated angry outbursts that are out of proportion

  • Screaming, cursing, use of verbally abusive language when angered

  • Fighting, intimidation of others

  • Acts of cruelty or violence toward others 

  • Strained interpersonal relationships

  • Verbal threats of harm to others

  • Pattern of destroying property

  • Passive-aggressive interactions with others





The purpose of our anger management program is to help individuals manage their feelings of anger in healthy and positive ways in order gain more control and stability in their lives.




  • Reduce intensity and frequency of angry outbursts

  • Terminate acts of violence and cruelty toward others

  • Interact in a respectful manner with others

  • Improve quality of interpersonal relationships

  • Develop self-control over thoughts and behaviors


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